Antler Chairs

This collection shows chairs and armchairs made of antlers. These examples of antler decor are very uniqe, but totally useful. These are big items, which we usually make for order, so you have many possibilities to personalize antler chair, in case you want to order it. First of all, you can select colour of leather, there are a lot colours from which you can select. From our experience bright colours are the best solution, because it make good looking contrast with antlers, but if you prefer something darker it is not problem to use it. Second personalization are fallow deer antlers behind chair, these antlers are not element, which is important for construction, it is only decor, so you can order it, but do not have to. If you order armchair with fallow deer antlers behind, it is also possible to carve it, theme of carving depends on you, because we can carve almost everything.