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What type of antler chandelier will be popular in future?


Trends in antler chandeliers

Antler chandeliers have been popular for a while, but they're no longer just for country homes. These antler chandeliers are perfect for any space and are available in a variety of styles to match any décor. The antler chandelier is one of the most popular trends in home décor right now. It's a unique way to add warmth and character to your space, and it's sure to get lots of compliments.

Antler chandeliers are beautiful lighting options.

Antler chandeliers are beautiful lighting options. Antlers are a unique part of interior design, and they're often used in decorations that require an aspect of craftsmanship and nature.

If you're looking for a good item to add some rustic charm to your home decor, an antler chandelier is an excellent choice! While these products can be expensive due to their uniqueness and costumization options (how many bulbs would you like?), they work well as standalone pieces or small accents in larger rooms with lots of light fixtures.

For years I saw, different shapes of antler chandeliers are popular.

For years I saw, different shapes of antler chandeliers were popular. Antler chandeliers in last several dozen years were more, or less popular, but different types of chandeliers were trendy in different periods. What is interesting, antler chandeliers  were appeared in homes, which have different design style.

Antlers are part of the deer's skeleton that grows each year until maturity and then stops and are dropped. Depending on the species and conditions of area where animal live, antlers may be more, or less brown. Colour of antlers is one of the most important factor for style of chandelier. Another important thing is shape of antler, which depends on deer spieces .

Over 30 years ago antler light fixtures were more popular than classic chandeliers.

Over 30 years ago antler light fixtures were more popular than classic chandeliers. Antler chandeliers were popular in the 90s, but in my opinion then antler light fixtures were more popular than chandeliers in that period. Then only rustic antler light fixtures, or chandeliers were popular. In 90s almost only hunters bought antler lighting. Then antler ceiling lamps appears often in forester's lodge. It was a big trend, that then antler decors have to look like old items and not as modern stuff.

Antler light fixture of fallow deer antlers.

After that classic antler chandeliers with arms were more and more popular.

From the beginning of the 20th century antler chandeliers with arms and bulbs up were more and more popular. I would called them classic antler chandeliers, because they look like traditional chandeliers made of metal, or glass. Classic antler lamps are usually huge, so  we can see this type of antler chndelier is still the most popular. We can see these chandeliers often in restaurant. I read, that one of the most important founding meeting of instagram were in resturant with classic antler chandelier. We can see these type of antler lighting in movies too often. Faux antler chandeliers usually also look as classic chandeleirs.

Classic antler chandelier for f lights, made of fallow deer antlers.

Now I see trend for modern antler chandeliers.

Modern antler chandeliers are a broad term, it usually means white antler chandeliers. We can called moden antler chandelier also chandeliers or ceiling lamps which has geometrical shape, like e.g. ball. What is important, modern antler chandeliers are not specific for rustic design. These chandeliers compose great with different design styles. I think modern antler chandelier is great idea for someone, who like antler decors, but has too modern home design style for usual chandelier.

Modern antler chandelier has ball shape. This light fixture wae made of white antlers.

I think we are on the beginning of trend for modern antler chandeliers, people who like antler chandlers usually do not like modern because of unusual shape and color. I think that because people began hang modern antler chandeliers in homes with different type of design in few years antler lighting stopped to be a niche only for rustic designed houses and would be more popular than ever before.

Trends are not important, when you chose chandelier, you have to think of your home design.

When you would like to buy antler chandelier, you have to remember, that trends may change, but chandelier stay for long time. So when you select antler chandelier, first of all you need to think about rest of your home decor to compose item with it and make your home beautiful and good to live place, where you and your family and friends feel good.

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