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Modern antler chandelier, really?

When you are thinking about real antler chandelier you probably have in mind brown chandelier hanging on chain with a couple of arms with bulbs. Probably you are also thinking this chandelier fit only to rustic decored home in mountain, or farmhouse. It is true, majority of real antler chandeliers looks like that, but we saw, that many people who do not have home in rustic style like antler chandeliers. The problem is, that classic chandeliers do not fit to modern interiors.  That is why we created collection of modern antler chandeliers, this is very eclectic collection, you can find here some white antler chandelierss and antler pendant lights of chandelier with unusual shape. Common feature of all pieces of antler lighting here is that these items dosn't look as classic antler chandeliers. If you want to install in your home some antler light which is not available in this collection feel free to contact with us, we would be happy to make some custom modern antler chandelier for you!


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