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White antler chandelers

are type of antler lighting, which fit to modern designed houses. Typically antler chandeliers are brown and then looks perfect in farmhouse, or rustic home, but we know some of you prefer non-classic antler chandeliers, that is why we created collection of white antler chandeliers for sale. In this collection you can find some chandeliers, which looks almost the same as classic, but also some models of antler chandeliers or pendant lights which we make only in white colour. Remember that white antler chandeliers are not totally white, it is impossible to make antler totally white without painting it, so we called chandeliers white, but calling them beige is closer to the truth. If you like some another antler chandelier from our offer, or would like to order some totally different white antler chandelier, do not hesitate to ask us, we would be happy to make some custom antler chandelier for you!


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