Real roe deer chandelier for rustic room with creamy shades.
Antler light fixture with grey shades. Lamp is made for 4 lights.
Chandelier made of roe deer antlers with burgundy shades.
Chandelier made of antlers with lot openwork elements. Chandelier has bright green shades.
Antler pendant lamp tiwth brown shades.
Real antler chandelier for 4 lights with dark green shades.
Rustic antler chandelier for livingroom for 4 lights with shades, view from the bottom.

Real Antler Chandelier for 4 Lights with Shades

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Real Antler Chandelier made of roe deer antlers for 4 lights. This chandelier give a lot of light because it has many openwork elements. It makes that light is not stopped and can light up whole room. Thanks to shades light spreads out better and colour of shade make, that room is light up on this colour a little bit. We recommend chandeliers with shades especially for living room, or foyer, if you want to make this room more elegant.

Shades: you can select colour of shades, available colours: creamy, grey, brown, burgundy, dark green and bright green.

Dimentions (about): 19"/50 cm height; 29"/75 cm diameter. If you have high room, please let us know, because we can add additional chain for it.

Electricity: 4 light points type e14; chandelier works with voltage from 110V to 240V; bulbs are not included; you can use L.E.D. bulbs.

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