Low ceiling real chandelier.
Real fallow deer antler chandelier for low ceiling living room.
Low ceiling antler chandelier for 3 lights. View from the bottom.
Light made of real fallow deer antlers. Perfect for low ceiling room.

Real Low Ceiling Antler Chandelier for 3 Lights

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Simple antler chandelier for 3 bulbs made of fallow deer antlers. Each bulb holder looks like a candle, which looks good in rustic home. This chandelier is great for low ceiling rooms, because it in very low, about 14"/ 35cm.

 Dimentions (about): 14"/35 cm height; 29"/75 cm diameter. If you have high room, you can look at similar chandelier, which we have in offer, which has about 19"/ 50 cm high.

Electricity: 3 light points type e14; chandelier works with voltage from 110V to 240V; bulbs are not included; you can use L.E.D. bulbs.

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