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What type of antler chandelier is suitable for me?


Is antler chandelier good idea for me?

If you want to chose chandelier for your home, you have to adjust it to your
needs. There are two main factors, which you should take into account: design and usability.
Firstly you have to think about your needs, I mean if you want lot of light, or chandelier should light up whole room, or you want only illuminate some places etc. You have to also think about interior design in your home, because chandelier should compose with it. Of course you have to also think in which room this chandelier will hang, because you probably need different lamp for living room, different for dining room and another for bedroom. Remember, that chandelier is probably only one piece of interior design, which may looks a little crazy and may express your style! I mean, when you chose table, chairs, or wardrobe, you have to think about practical aspects first of all, but when you buy chandelier, obviously it have to be practical too, but you may focus more on appearance, so I really advice you to think about it. 
So when you know what is important, firstly you have to think about room in which chandelier will hang. If you arrange whole home, it would be perfect to select chandelier for living room, or foyer firsty, because these rooms are most representative and set trends for design in home. Design in rest of rooms should generally compose with design in these rooms.
Let’s say, that first you try to find something for living room, so then you have to ash yourself some technical questions: How big is room? How high is is room? If there is a lot of sunlight there? If I need a lot light there? What is colour of walls and furnitures? What interior design style dominates in this room, or home? When you answer for these practical question, then is time for your imagination, because then you have to only find best looking chandelier, which you like and which fulfills these needs. There are some general tips for chandelier in living room, so we advice rather use chandelier in which bulbs are pointed up, because it looks more noble and light up evenly whole room. You can use also chandelier with shades, which make it would look even more dignified. Living room is often room, which is a little bit higher, than rest of rooms, so you may think about hang chandelier a little bit lower, so then you can chose something with additional rope, or chain. Remember also, that living room is part of home, when you, your family and guests spend a lot of time, so even if you have there a lot of sunlight, there is not all day, so we recommend chandelier, which gives a lot of light there.
There are some similarities between living room and foyer, because foyer is also often high room. Foyer is room, which see everyone who visit you, what is more chandelier in foyer is often first item, which you and every your guest see inside your home! So it is good, when chandelier looks noble, we highly recommend use shades in foyer chandelier. It is also good solution to think about additional sconces there, which may compose vey good with chandelier. What is different than in living room is time, foyer is part of home, where you probably not spend lot of time, so there is no need to light it perfectly, so you can chose chandelier with less points of lights.
Another room, which you need chandelier is dining room, or kitchen connected with dining room. When you chose chandelier for that space, you have to remember, that in opposite to foyer, lamps there have to be as practical as is possible. For dining room we recommend two types of lamps, first of all ceiling lamp, which should hang over table and should illuminate it. You can also use 2 ceiling lamps, if table is big.
Second lamp, which is good solution for dining room is chandelier, which may hang in the middle of room and should give a lot of light. In opposite to foyer chandelier, for dining room, or kitchen we do not recommend chandeliers with shades, because shades make, that lamp give a little less light. Last room, which about we want to talk is bedroom. Independently of interior design style, which you chose, bedroom in your bedroom will be lot of white design elements, so we recommend also white chandelier for this room, because it would compose very well with rest of design elements. Chandelier in bedroom, do not have to give a lot of light , because you probably don’t spend a lot of time in this room and what is important it is good to not expose yourself to much light before sleeping. So we recommend also chandelier with shades, because that chandelier would look more elegant and make, that light in bedroom will be more healthy.
Summarizing, when you select chandelier, you have to remember about technical aspects of room to chose something, what can be very useful. But you have to remember, that chandelier is piece of interior design, which may be a little crazy, so selecting chandelier is great opportunity for you to express your style in interior design. If you chose lamp which is useful and compose with your interior design concept you will be very satisfied for years!

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