Real Antler Sconce for 2 Lights with Shades

Real Antler Sconce for 2 Lights with Shades

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Antler sconce made of real, roe deer antlers for 2 lights. Because of shades this sconce is more elegant. Shades make, that room is light up on shade colour a little bit when sconce is turn on. We recommend to use sconces with shades especially in rooms, where chandeliers have also shades, because it compose very well at all.

Shades: you can select colour of shades, available colours: creamy, grey, brown, burgundy, dark green and bright green.

Dimentions (about): 13"/32 cm height; 13"/32 cm width. 

Electricity: 2 light points type e14; sconce works with voltage from 110V to 240V; bulbs are not included; you can use L.E.D. bulbs.

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